Chuck D – “By The Time I Got To Arizona” canvas

from CrayonBeats

Chuck D has finally released his 300-limited “By The Time I Got To Arizona” art piece, in collaboration with Los Angeles SceneFour. It was released to the public on March 4th, and has been selling rapidly. If you weren’t sure by now, this piece makes a loud statement about Arizona’s SB1070 law of anti-immigration. The piece shows Chuck D at the entry gates to Arizona, where he’s being racially profiled by the color of his skin — an official is holding up a pantone color chart, and instead of names identifying the colors, it reads either “Deport” or “Suspect”.

“This statement of artwork is maybe reminding people that they gotta have more of a voice,” says Chuck. “We can’t rely on the people who are scrutinized – quote unquote ‘illegal immigrants’ – to speak up, because they’re terrified by some sort of terror law that has been enacted upon human beings. And the United States has bogarted their territory under the Manifest Destiny principle which basically doesn’t speak to human development as far as sharing the planet. Where do we go with that? Make a statement in art, and hope that they will stick.”

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