Chuck D Drops Fine Art Collabo Protesting Arizona Immigration Law


Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D, unveiled his fine art piece, “By The Time I Got To Arizona”, earlier this month.

The piece, which is aimed at Arizona’s SB 1070 law and Chuck feels encourages police to racially profile Latinos, was released in very limited quantities. While each canvas in the series measures 60 by 33 inches, the statement each makes looms way larger. Arizona’s SB 1070 law “takes America a large step towards fascism,” says a rep for the rapper.

“Ultimately, the decision to allow America to turn on the come-one-come-all philosophy, that once made it the most progressive country in the world, rests with we, the people,” a press release about Chuck’s piece reads. “And it is the people whose minds Chuck D seeks to move with ‘By The Time I Got To Arizona’.”

The limited edition, fine art collaboration with notorious Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour, was released to the public on March 4th and has rapidly become their fastest-selling piece in a line of artwork that includes collaborations with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan and Bootsy Collins.

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